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Square Caps® with print

£ 2,95 per piece *
ex. VAT
* = Promotional price excl. set-up costs

Information about Square Caps® graduationhats


Square Caps mortarboards are one size fits all.
This feature makes our graduation hats easy to order for larger groups.

Square Caps have a unique design that fits everyone.
The fabric is lightly stretchable and the hats have an elastic backside.

We can supply them for adults as well as for children in primary school.


The caps are made of chic fabric of perfect quality, so no felt or any other cheap material.
The ´square´is stiff and the hats are finished with attention to detail and a high quality tassel.

The fabric is pliant, does not wrinkle and makes the hats fit anyone perfectly.
You can count on many compliments from your collegues and students. 

Mortarboard SquareCaps upperside

Square Caps® are black

Square Caps are black, which is the official colour.
We can personalise colour accents by imprinting a full colour print, or by attaching a tassel in a different colour. 
If you have a particular request , please contact us.

Billing and payment

We allow schools, organisations and other customers in Europe to place orders and pay after receipt.

For the payment we will send you an invoice which you may pay after the goods are delivered.
The invoice will be sent with your order and should be paid within 14 days.

Fill in the number of hats and the orderform will show the total amount of your invoice.

What's up with that VAT ?

The Square Caps® company is based in The Netherlands.
We are obliged to charge 21% VAT, which is currently the Dutch VAT tariff.

Because this is an intra-community delivery within the EU we are permitted to invoice without charging VAT. 
To do so, we need a VAT registration number, which must be mentioned on the invoice.

In many european countries educational organizations and companies do have a VAT registration number.  
So please check if you have your own VAT registration number and if yes, please send it to us. 

On the orderform the total amount excl. VAT is shown seperately. 

If you have a VAT registration number the total amount excl. VAT will be the total amount of your invoice.  
In case you don't have a VAT registration number, the sum on the bottom of the calculation will be the total amount of your invoice.  

Shipping & Returns

Your order will be delivered by DHL or DPD courier services.
Shipment normally takes 2-3 working days.
The shipping costs vary per country:

Shipment costs overview:

Printing fee (Only for Square Caps with imprint)

For a printing job we charge a fee of   £.35,- .
Action: From 240 pieces, these imprint fee is for free.

Logo Supply ( Only for Square Caps with imprint)

After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email.
This email explains how the logo for the imprint should be delivered.
Often your logo is available as different datatypes.
The preferred extentions are .eps .pdf and .ai

However, if you don't have these at your disposal, we can also use .jpg, .png, and much more.
Please send us what you have and we will check if we can use it.
 Besides, we are always here to help.

The imprint on the caps will have a maximum size of about 70mm x 70mm.
The imprint is printed on the frontside of the Square Caps.
The imprint is full-color, so all colors are possible.

How to order Square Caps ?

You can order all over our website, via one of the order buttons.
If you might prefer, you can also send us an e-mail (
Or call us by phone, on the following number:   +31 (0) 725 725 773.
Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email.

Other information

If you're in the ordering process and just want to browse the website, then why not do it.
Right of your screen, your order remains visible in the shopping cart.
To return to the ordering process in the shopping cart, click on "Place Order".

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